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Hi! My name is Kim and I am 52 years old. The last four years have been amazing, exhausting, life changing, joyful and grueling. Perhaps you have walked through some fire over the past years. In fact, after so many conversations I know you have. 


In the last four years I have:


Sold the house I raised my family in and moved to Florida from NJ during that pandemic 


Got divorced 


Learned to co parent 


Learned to do a lot of things as a single woman 


Sent my oldest off to college to play D1 football 


And oh, I went through menopause 


Which left me to making the last decision to leave my fitness business after 12 years and partner with a hormone health company. 


Needless to say I am grateful for all of those lessons because they helped me truly become the most authentic version of myself and I am very protective of the woman I have become. 


In navigating all these changes I started to realize how much my hormones played a role and how exercise and eating were not the route to healing. I began to go on a journey of listening to my body, meditating, grounding, therapy, breathing all in helping me get out of flight or fight response and live more peacefully. I also became an expert on my own body learning that we are depleted of so many vitamins and minerals that with the addition of simple supplementation we can begin to live optimally.  Add in the discovery that most chemicals we are putting our body are disrupting our already rebelling hormones led me to make better choices in my skin care. 


I also started to have a different dialogue with myself. Changing the story I told myself for years about how I was unworthy of success and love. Learning HOW to think differently and move through challenging events. 


I am so grateful you landed on my website. Everything I share here is a huge part of my newly improved life. The products I use, the company I have partnered with and the courses I am developing to help you on your journey. 



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