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Lisa M.

Dianna F. 

When I found Hugh & Grace it felt like a perfect partnership. A year ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, everyone’s worst nightmare. It forced me to completely change my life from the inside out. I cleaned up everything I put in my body, on my body and in my home. This is exactly what the company is all about. It just spoke to me. Their products are unmatched and what everyone truly needs to protect, repair and replenish their bodies in this toxin filled world we live in. It’s added so much value to my life and now I’m excited to help other families do what I did a year ago- clean up their life bc it all matters! Prevention is key! 

I joined Hugh & Grace because I was feeling lost.  I had been part of the fitness world for 11 years but felt like that culture was not aligning with the total health and wellness journey I had been moving along for the last few years. I had left a very toxic work environment, found a new job that I was loving, but was missing being in the wellness space, and the entrepreneurship I so enjoy.   I chose Hugh & Grace because their values and ethics resonate with my own. Their commitment to empowering individuals to take control of their hormone health aligns with my own mission, and belief in holistic wellness.  I love their products because they deliver on their promises, providing tangible results that enhance overall well-being.  Moreover, the company’s dedication to its advocates is unparalleled.  From a comprehensive compensation plan to strict regulations ensuring product quality, they prioritize the success and satisfaction of their advocates, and their customers.   This focus on empowerment extends beyond physical health and wellness, to financial wellness, offering opportunities for anyone to join as an advocate and grow their own business and achieve financial stability along their wellness journey.  I am thrilled to be part of a company that not only cares about its customers’ health, but also invests in the success and prosperity of its advocates.

I was looking for two things. One I was desperate to feel better but also looking for another source of income. Once I looked into the company I was sold on trying the supplements as I had gone through years of unexplained infertility and always wondered if the products we use daily had added to my struggles. Once I started having more energy and being in a better mood than I had in years I checked out the compensation plan and saw the company was setup for everyone to win while running a biz the way they individually wanted to. I want women to know they are not broken that they are probably missing some vitamins and minerals their bodies need.

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