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Kimberly Lima



Revolution is the product of my own healing journey. At 51, I decided that perhaps a big part of my life was over for me as I watched my boys grow into young men. I suddenly found myself divorced, in a new state, and dealing with physical and emotional changes in my body. It was during one lonely weekend that I decided this will NOT be my life and my chance at my big dreams was not over. It was at that moment that a Revolution began in me. It is those lessons and habits I've gained that I turned into a movement of women who refuse to live a life of less and are passionate about their future dreams and aspirations.

After waking up at 51 and feeling my body changed overnight, I had lost my passion for life and even lost my connection to myself, I decided to buck the traditional ways we are told to live life. I refuse to sit on a shelf growing old and collecting dust because society thinks that I am out of my prime. I love showing other women how to age on their own terms and make the second half of their life more authentic then the first half. From books to fashion to makeup; I love sharing my tips with my virtual besties.



One of the greatest pleasures I have had as a mom is being able to sit and watch my boys play sports. I always vowed I would never be one of those parents and well I nevered like I never evered. As the mom of a D1 college bound football player and another dual athlete son I love every aspect of it from driving to lessons, games, practices and even the daily laundry. Some of the best women in my life I have met on a football field watching our boys. And well now Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are for football come Fall! 



One of the greatest things I have done for myself is commit to healing myself and really allowing myself the ability to transparently and authentically show up as myself. It may have taken 50 years but it’s never too late!! I wholeheartedly love sharing what meditation, affirmations and therapy have done for my life. I truly feel it’s given me back my vitality and passion. I Will always share what I am reading, what I am listening  to in hopes it blesses you the way it has me. 

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