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One decision to stop drinking changed everything

Sometimes you forget just how far you fell and just how far you have come. June 1, 2021 I had my last drink after my oldest son found me passed out next to my truck.

I woke up to a text from him and this video telling me not to drink. I didn’t remember any of it. I was so lost in my own marriage that I drank and one drink I would typically have turned into four. I embarrassed myself in front of new friends when they had to drive me home in my own car. So I decided to stop drinking. And it wasn’t easy mostly because I had no coping skills and being myself was all new. So I spent 2021 and 22 mostly alone being a mom. But something changed this summer. It was time to find me and be brave. And so I focused on loving me, being me, and finding the passionate woman I was. I officially left my marriage and was divorced and told all of you! I LOVE who I am. I LOVE the work I do. I LOVE the future I have even tho I don’t know it exactly. This is your sign to feel, to be present, to trust yourself that you can BE you. I’m rooting for you.

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