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What receipts is your body holding onto about your relationship with it?

Your body holds all the receipts of :

How you think about it.

How you value it.

How you fuel it.

How you let it find joy.

How you move it.

How you recover it.

How you regulate your emotions from it.

How you rest it.

People ask me all the time why my body has changed and I kinda want to say

Because you missed the part where I changed my life.

All of it.

You can continue chasing a health and fitness goal thinking you will be worthy or happy when you get there using methods that do neither.

OR you can understand you are worthy and then take action on how someone who knows their worth acts.

It’s really the same amount of work yet one is a work of love and one of a work of hate.

That’s what rEVOLution is all about unlearning the backwards ways we learn to love ourselves in health and fitness.

💖 I can’t wait!


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